Ed plays bass guitar and also sings, he has 3 solo albums which he created before he joined Blue Haze.


Dave is a experienced harmonica player, possibly the best in the world, he also plays acoustic guitar


Les Green (Rythm/Lead Guitar, Guitar Synth, and Vocals)
1956 - Started playing Skiffle with an old 'Wonder' guitar bought from a guy at school.

1958/62 - Helped form local Woking band 'Dave & the Strangers'

1970 - Joined a band called 'Stimulus', met Maggie & Rog which turned into 70's Rock Band 'The Lady Jayne Band - Joined 4pc band 'Airport' around 1980. In the 1990's reformed with Maggie & Rog as 'Cats Eyes', Maggie retired so we carried on with Jenny as 'Cats Whiskers' then I re-joined the 'Airport' crowd now called 'Intruder', and then 'Total recall', that all came to an end, so in 2011 I joined Ken & Ed to form 'Blue Haze'.


Since my parents bought me a "Martin Colletti" guitar aged 14 (who's he? I don't know) I have been hooked on music.Everyone was in a group at school in the 60's , Most grew up and did adult things. I'm still trying to play guitar and sing. I,ve known Ed Dave and Les for many years,we've been in bands together on and off since i still had hair!! I,m still having fun playing with my mates and our new mate Terry! I wonder how many gigswe've done(or inflicted!) over the years in various bands: Airport, Intruder ,Light and Bitter, Total Recall, Wingspan ,Evening Sun ,Gerry and the Hat-tricks now "Blue Haze" (not a lavatory cleaner!) Still searching for that 4th chord! I'll find it one day!

Blue Haze